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West Orange Motors, Orange

As one of the largest vehicle dealerships in the Central West, West Orange motors is widely regarded as the benchmark in the vehicle industry in the area. Solar Professionals recently partnered with West Orange Motors to deliver a 130KW solar power project across two buildings within their Orange site. This notable commercial solar project was designed, supplied, installed, commissioned, maintained and is remotely monitored in house by Solar Professionals. Estimated to reduce operating costs by 44% in the first year with a payback period of 3 years, the West Orange Motors solar project will prove to be a shrewd investment, one that will continue to substantially reduce their ongoing energy costs and their exposure to rising electricity prices.

Southern Central Engineering, Leeton

Engineering and fabrication facilities are big users of power during peak electricity periods so it makes good financial sense for these businesses to look to alternative power sources to reduce their operating costs. Thanks to a 60KW solar system installed to their main building roof space, Southern Central Engineering are now not only a very successful engineering business but also a power generation plant. This solar system will produce 65% of Southern Central Engineering's electricity requirements and reduce their electricity costs by 38% in the first year.

We save over $70,000 of our annual cost of electricity

“The biggest benefit to us from the installation has been a reduction in energy consumption from the grid and power costs of over 50%.

Cohen Vanderlinde
Kotzur Pty Ltd


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